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One day you will look back and see that all along, you were blooming!”

-Morgan Harper Nichols

After my 40th birthday, it hit me, life is NOW! No more putting off joy. I realized I was waiting, and my happiness had conditions. Then it hit me: you can’t wait; you can BLOOM HERE Mags. And so this blog was birthed as a celebration of life & and things that bring me joy. I LOVE all things beauty, hair, fashion, and travel. You can expect extensions/haircare tips, fashion inspiration/OOTD, travel, and all things FAB in this space! So join me in not putting off the unique dress for a special occasion. Joining in, not waiting for conditions to be perfect. Take my hand and let's venture this garden of life together. Welcome on this adventure of beauty and love this journey Mags IN BLOOM!

Your partner in BLOOM,

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